Holy jaysus would you look at the size of this high school running back 9 years ago

Holy jaysus would you look at the size of this high school running back

At 6'4 and 400 pounds, this is a lad you would not like to meet on the pitch

JOE always knew there was a reason that, despite being blessed with an arm like a cannon and the accuracy of an Olympic archer, we never ended up playing American football in school. Our natural position is of course offensive captain and quarterback, the lad who goes out with the head cheerleader.


Anyway, one of the main reasons we never played, of course, was that we were not living in America, which really hampered our game. Another reason was because we would never want to have to interact in any physical way with a lad like this. Tony Picard, running back for his school in Yakima, Washington, is a seriously big lad, and must be eating his vegetables, big time. At 6'4 and 400 pounds, it should come as no surprise that he is the biggest running back in the country.

running back 2

Apparently, it seems that Picard started out playing as a linemen, where most lads of his size would be. Mind you, most lads of his size are fully grown adult men, or at the very least they play in college, but it turns out he had a bit of pace about him, so they stuck him in at running back.

The result (to date) is that he has over 500 yards on the ground and eight touchdowns to his name. Picard told Busted Coverage that he's mostly used as a decoy to set up the other lads, but that hasn't stopped him from scoring plenty himself, and he has apparently already been talking to colleges about making the move to that level to see if he can cut it there.


big rb

He was apparently playing a game last night, but we haven't been able to find a score yet. He was in fine form heading into the game though, having bagged a TD in each previous match, and judging by his stats and his sheer size, we wouldn't bet against him having increased those stats again last night.

Hat-tip to Bleacher Report and Busted Coverage for the pics.