How Premier League odds have changed since the start of the season 10 years ago

How Premier League odds have changed since the start of the season

The teams may have only played seven games each, but those pesky odds have changed a whole lot since the Premier League kicked off.

Before every Premier League season kicks off, we all think we know it all. And many of us put our money where our mouths are and stick a euro or two on who will win the league, who will get relegated and who will finish off as top scorer.


But less than a quarter of the way into the season, and some of our picks look a little foolish, while some of the super juicy odds we missed are making us weep.

Take Arsenal. At one point, with turmoil over the lack of transfers making Arsene Wenger look even more miserable than usual, the Gunners drifted out to 22/1 to win the Premier League. Now, after a rollicking start, the addition of Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey scoring goals for fun, Arsenal are now third in the market at 9/2. And if they keep that form up, those odds will probably fall further and further so if you fancy them, get on now.

But leading the betting right now for the title are Manchester City. Manuel Pellegrini’s men have had an up-and-down start to the campaign. They currently sit at 2/1 to win the league, with their price really shortening in the aftermath of thumping Manchester United 4-1 in the derby.

That game also transformed United’s odds. It pushed the Red Devils out to 4/1 and they are now at 11/2, just ahead of Arsenal, having kicked off the season at 6/4 to retain their title. That’s some serious slippage.


One Manchester United bet that is shortening is David Moyes to get to sack, which has halved since the kick off, now at 33s from 66s. They won’t give the Scot the boot though, will they?

At the other end of the table, the situation at Sunderland looked bad before opening day, when they were 4/1 for the drop. Since then, no wins, one draw and one managerial sacking later, they are second favourites to be relegated at 4/6, with only poor old Crystal Palace favoured more, at 1/7.

Finally, the top scorer odds are worth a review too. Top of the charts right now with six goals is Daniel Sturridge. The Liverpool striker has been in sensational form this season and he is now just 7/1 to be top scorer, down from a very juicy 20/1 before the season started.

Robin van Persie has stayed pretty solid at 9/2, but the biggest mover has been Olivier Giroud, who has four so far for high-flying Arsenal. The French man began the season at 66/1 to be to most prolific Premier League striker. He’s now at a much skimpier 11s.


If only we had a time machine, eh?