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19th Jan 2015

If you plan to hit Vegas for McGregor v Aldo, here’s the cheapest way to do it

And now we have an excuse to visit Las Vegas...

Paddy McKenna

We’re all going on our summer holidays…

We now know Conor McGregor will fight Jose Aldo for the world title in Las Vegas this May (there’s no formal date just yet, but 23 May has been earmarked for UFC 187).

It’s time for JOE to channel our inner-Kathryn Thomas and tell you the cheapest way to see the fight in the flesh.

To stay:

The cheapest accommodation we could find on The Strip was the Stratosphere Casino and Resort Hotel which will put you and a buddy up Friday 22 May and Saturday 23 May for €218.

Honourable mention to the only pyramid-shaped hotel on The Strip (or maybe, the world for that matter), The Luxor will put a pointy roof over your head for a meagre €316.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 13.19.45

If it’s good enough for a Pharaoh….

The flights:

Now, you could fly out on the Friday itself, but you probably won’t arrive until late and, if you’ve only got two nights in Vegas, you need to make them count.

The Vegas veterans in JOE suggest flying out late on the Thursday and arriving mid-afternoon in Vegas on the Friday. This flight does that very job…

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 13.24.49

Bear in mind that 25 hours is admittedly a long flight time to Vegas. You will find shorter, but it may require an extra night in Vegas on the Thursday.

Don’t let anyone fool you, every extra night in Vegas will require at least one more incriminating picture for your Credit Union manager when you come to ask them for a loan.

The fight:

So, let’s recap.

You’ve landed in the desert on time. Huzzah! Yes, you’re a bit jet lagged, but the hotel is actually graaaand and adult Disneyland has put a pep in your step.

Now all you need is tickets for the fight.

Since the details for UFC 187 has yet to be formally announced, tickets are not yet on sale.

Looking at the sold-out UFC 183 though, which takes place in Las Vegas at the end of this month, prices originally ranged from $128 for a seat in the gods, to $1,000 for cageside in Sin City.

Conor McGregor with Denis Siver 18/1/2015

Tickets to see Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo in Vegas don’t come cheap, they come expensive

So there you have it, we figure the cheapest you can do McGregor v Aldo in Vegas (factoring in a hotel on The Strip, which if you only go once, you may as well go for) is €920.

That does not include spending money and, in Lost Wages, you are never more than 20 feet from an opportunity to lose/spend your hard-earned wonga. You’ve been warned.

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