'Ireland fans are welcome back anytime', say Copenhagen police 5 years ago

'Ireland fans are welcome back anytime', say Copenhagen police

Good stuff lads.

Last night’s World Cup play-off between Denmark and Republic of Ireland didn’t really deliver on entertainment - it’s a cracking result for Ireland, but for neutral, it was a crushingly boring crime against football.


The Ireland fans however, did deliver. Not only did video of them cheering Victoria’s Secrets customers go viral, they’ve been praised by the Copenhagen Police.

If your Danish is a bit rusty, that translates roughly as:


From a police point of view, Ireland is welcome to play here again. No registered incidents regarding fans all night. Thank you.

Considering the size of the Irish crowds there - and we've got some incredible pics to prove that they were well into the thousands - this just furthers the positive image that the Irish have when they're abroad and supporting their home-grown talent.

Keep up the good work, peeps!