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19th Nov 2018

The Football Spin featuring Ireland’s footballers rising to rugby’s challenge, Scott Minto’s positivity and Christian Eriksen’s truth bomb.


Ireland went out on a high.

Or at least it wasn’t a crushing low. With the country talking about rugby, Ireland’s footballer had a chance to remind them that they too can ride a wave of popularity, but instead they managed to avoid defeat to Denmark, which had some people talking about positives.

But are there any positives after a grim 2018? On The Football Spin, Paddy McKenna, Rob Redmond and Dion Fanning discuss what will happen now to Irish football and how long can Martin O’Neill limp on as manager of a team which appears to have been drained of all confidence?

Rob advances Stephen Kenny’s cause and explains what is missing in the Ireland set-up, while Dion makes a case for Ireland as football country despite the relentless misery.

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