It's Matt Le Tisser's birthday, so here are a few of his best goals 7 years ago

It's Matt Le Tisser's birthday, so here are a few of his best goals

For a man who only ran when he was celebrating a goal, Matt Le Tissier has some absolute crackers on his CV

It's Matthew Le Tisser's birthday, so we chose to mark the occasion with a look at a few of his best goals. Narrowing down the list to just these few was not an easy task, we can assure you.


He may have spent his entire career at Southampton and never shone as bright for the national side as he could have, but most fans of the Premier League would still consider him a bit of a legend, and as you look through the sheer quality on display in some of these finishes, it's easy to see why.

A beautiful lob
Not even the great Peter Schmeichel could stop him when he was on top form, as this cheeky lob shows.

A silky touch
This goal against Newcastle in 1993 is possibly one of the best in the history of the Premier League, and is fondly remembered by those of us who are of a certain vintage.

The impossible free kick
We would hesitate to guess at the sheer amount of times this free kick routine has been tried in training, Sunday league games, and at JOE's weekly 5-a-side...

The full package
He made few appearances at international level, but back in the days when 'B' internationals were still the done thing, he single-handedly took Russia apart with some scintillating skills.

A goal from any angle
Middlesbrough were in a terrible run of form at the time, but that doesn't take anything away from the fact that he scored direct from a corner. That's right, from the corner.