James McClean makes “considerable donation” towards heart transplant for small child in Derry 5 years ago

James McClean makes “considerable donation” towards heart transplant for small child in Derry

Well done, James McClean.

James McClean has made a “considerable personal donation” to go towards the cost of a heart transplant for a three-year old boy from his native Derry.


The Derry Journal report that the West Bromwich Albion and Ireland winger contacted the paper on Monday after reading about the plight of Brayden Moore, who is currently in Newcastle awaiting a heart transplant having travelled over at the weekend.

Brayden’s father, Ciaran, confirmed to the Derry Journal that McLean had made a considerable personal donation to the family to help with the cost of Brayden’s treatment.

Both of Brayden’s parents have had to take a significant amount of time off work and recently set up a GoFundMe page (click on the link to donate) – where regular updates are being provided about Brayden’s condition – in an effort to help raise funds.

An initial target of £600 was passed within hours and at the time of writing, £3,552 has been raised to help pay for Brayden’s treatment.


Speaking to the Derry Journal about McLean’s donation, Ciaran Moore said: “James McClean was in touch privately last night offering his best wishes and he made a considerable personal donation to help us over here.

“Yet again, James shows he hasn’t forgotten about his own people and his roots."

“I would like to thank James and his wife for their generosity," Ciaran added.


"Certain papers and political figures take pleasure in taking swipes at James but they seem to ignore these selfless acts he does time and time again.”

McLean is well-known for his generosity towards people in Derry, having recently helped pay for the funeral of child that died tragically in a car accident and contributed towards the medical treatment of a baby born last year who has spent most of his young life in hospital due to a series of medical problems.

Fair play to James and here’s hoping Brayden gets better soon.