Crowd's hostile reaction to James McClean's tackle is unacceptable in this day and age 5 years ago

Crowd's hostile reaction to James McClean's tackle is unacceptable in this day and age

The Republic of Ireland player took to Twitter to vent his anger.

Irish midfielder James McClean has criticised Match of the Day for failing to show the reaction from fans after his tackle on Tom Ince during West Brom's Premier League match with Huddersfield on Saturday.


McClean did pick up a yellow card for his tackle on Ince but after the incident, fans began throwing objects at him which was something that the football programme did not show.

Match of the Day's failure to address the reaction of the fans was something that angered McClean and he took to Twitter to vent his frustration. He stated that bottles, coins and lighters were among the objects that were thrown at him.

It is currently the time of year when poppies are worn in the United Kingdom. Poppies are sold from around 26 October but people normally don't start wearing them until 31 October with Remembrance Sunday falling on the second Sunday in November each year which happens to be 12 November this year.

James McClean has openly said in the past that he refuses to wear a poppy but it is something which still gets highlighted every year.


The winger has even gone as far as writing an open letter to West Brom fans explaining why he doesn't wear one but he still gets rough treatment from fans about it.

He also took to Instagram to condemn the actions of the fans who threw objects at him.

"Frustrating is the best word to describe today," he wrote.

"P.s launching bottles and other objects from up in the stands make (sic) you cowards not hard men."


McClean will soon be preparing for Ireland's two crucial World Cup play-off matches against Denmark on 11 and 14 November with the winner booking their place in Russia in 2018.