Jamie Carragher removed from punditry duty for Champions League clash on Danish TV 4 years ago

Jamie Carragher removed from punditry duty for Champions League clash on Danish TV

The measure is a temporary one, with the station wishing to discuss a controversial spitting incident with Jamie Carragher before taking any further action.

Jamie Carragher has been removed from punditry duty by a Danish broadcaster for Manchester United’s Champions League clash with Sevilla after footage of a controversial spitting incident surfaced on Sunday night.


The former Liverpool defender was scheduled to act as a summariser for the game for Danish broadcaster TV3 Sport, who have decided to remove him from duty in the aftermath of an incident involving Carragher that occurred after Manchester United’s 2-1 victory over Liverpool at Old Trafford on Saturday.

“It does not look good,” Peter Nørrelund, Danish Executive Director of MTG Sports, the parent company of TV3 Sport told Ekstra Bladet.

“He should have been to Old Trafford tomorrow and we have chosen to sit over. We have sent an employee to Liverpool so we can get it from the horse's own mouth.”

Nørrelund said that the station is keen to discuss the issue with Carragher before deciding whether or not to take any further action.


“Whether it's about the receptionist or Jamie Carragher, we do not fire people before we've heard them,” he added.

“It does not look cool. But we are all people. We would like to hear him about it and hear what happened. Let's get it in place first.”

Mobile phone footage of the incident surfaced online on Sunday night, showing Carragher winding down his car window and spitting in the direction of a car travelling alongside him after the driver, who was filming the incident on his mobile phone, repeatedly mentioned the score of the game at Old Trafford, where Carragher had been working as a pundit for Sky Sports.

The driver’s teenage daughter was sat in the front seat and is heard in the footage saying that Carragher’s spit had hit her in the face while also urging her father to stop recording on his phone.


Carragher has since apologised for the incident and revealed that he has been in touch with the family over the phone since it happened.

Sky Sports issued a statement about the incident, saying: “It’s unacceptable behaviour and we will be addressing it with Jamie.”

Carragher is due to appear alongside Gary Neville and Brendan Rodgers on Monday Night Football on Sky Sports for coverage of Stoke City’s clash with Manchester City.