Joe Brolly has come up with a solution to the venue issue surrounding the Liam Miller tribute match 4 years ago

Joe Brolly has come up with a solution to the venue issue surrounding the Liam Miller tribute match

Could this be a way around the problem?

As previously reported, the GAA released the following statement about the venue issue regarding the tribute match for Liam Miller and it has not been received well.


Their statement reads: "Only a change at Annual Congress can alter this situation. Congress takes place in February each year. The GAA has sought legal advice around funding received towards the redevelopment of Páirc Uí Chaoimh and believes it is compliant with the terms and conditions laid down in September 2016."

"The Association re-affirms its offer to provide hospitality facilities at the venue free gratis to assist fundraising efforts around the Liam Miller Tribute Match and wish the event organisers every success in their endeavors."

The reaction to this statement has been very strong with the majority condemning the GAA and their adherence to Rule 42 which states that there can be no playing of non-GAA sports in GAA stadiums - excluding Croke Park – for other codes.

So in steps former Derry star and current RTE pundit Joe Brolly, who has clearly studied the rules, and seems to have come up with a solution:


As per Joe's Twitter account:

"The GAA has the legal power to sanction the use of Páirc Uí Chaoimh. Even if they didn't, no one would mind. This is a good thing all around."

"Rule 5.1 (a) allows GAA pitches to be used for "purposes not in conflict with the aims and objects of the association.." So, the Liam Miller game could easily be sanctioned. In any event, the penalty for a breach is discretionary R5.1(b) so a blind eye should be turned."

There is already a petition in place for the match to be played at Páirc Uí Chaoimh, and the petition organisers were originally looking for 7,500 signatures, and at the time of writing, they had over 14,500.