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05th Sep 2013

JOE-Jitsu: Week 10 – The emotional rollercoaster that is the final 2 weeks

It's just over a week until JOE editor Mike Sheridan makes his MMA debut at Euro Fight Night... s**t just got real


I think I’ve probably avoided writing the latest blog for as long as possible. Last week we premiered the first promo for our documentary, Barbaric Gentlemen, so I also didn’t want to be drowning people in the fight night and more crucially my participation in it.

The past week or two has been a rollercoaster. If you speak to any serious Mixed Martial Artist, or anyone who has ever stepped in a cage they’ll tell you the two weeks before the fight are by far the toughest. Owen told me that from the start, and Jaysus was he right…

It’s hard not to talk about the fight without coming off like I’m complaining. I absolutely love the training – it’s easily the fittest I’ve ever been in my life and all of the lads in Primal are great. It’s life happening around the training that seems to be the difficult aspect for some and that’s absolutely no different for me. I’ve also been doing a bit of press in the past two weeks in particular and filming stuff for Barbaric Gentlemen – on top of the editor job I hold down here at JOE. We have Savage Sunday on Today FM this week, Ireland AM next Friday the 13th (the day of the weigh-in) and Tubridy on 2FM.

It goes without saying that I am training my arse off; Owen has continued to push me in training and hopefully it’s paid off. Three months of watching every single thing I’m eating and worrying about how I’m going to fit in training around work has really led up to this.

To unwind a bit last week, Owen took myself and the Primal lads to Loughcrew Adventure park to run the course, get muddy as hell, and more importantly raise money for a little girl in need of help. It was a lot of fun and hopefully we managed to raise a few quid for Robyn.

So as I write I’m nine days from Euro Fight Night and rocking a couple of injuries – more strains and wear & tear than anything serious. Other than being tired, I’m absolutely raring to go and can’t wait to step into the cage.

As ever, thanks to Owen for his amazing coaching, and time. Thanks to Bodyfirst for keeping me in supplements and to the guys at SBG city centre for letting me use their digs to train. I’ve also been using Paleo meals and find it delicious – I’ve been on weight for a while and it’s really helping keep me there.