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05th Jul 2013

JOE Jitsu Week 2. The ‘Roddy Knee’

Our Mike Sheridan is fully into his MMA training before his big bout in a couple of months and is feeling it...


“This is one of the toughest things you could do” Owen Roddy said earlier today having just landed a ‘Roddy Knee’ to the body that he probably threw at about forty percent. Jaysus, was he right…

FYI I thought that to myself while lying on the ground wincing.

After another tough but brilliant one on one with Owen we were walking out of SBG and I mentioned with previous challenges I’d done (ultramarathons, long distance triathlons) there was very little in the way of actual thinking about what I was doing – in a technical capacity at least. Worrying, yes, thinking not so much. Stick with it, grind it out and finish was my always my goal.

MMA is really something else entirely. The technique involved in every single aspect is truly staggering; be it submissions in BJJ, take-downs in wrestling, or simply just striking properly – something I’ve apparently been doing wrong for years. Evidently standing in the front of the punch bag or focus pads and throwing hard and fast really won’t do the trick.

Truthfully I’m absolutely loving the training at Primal and the one on one sessions with Owen. Lenny from the KC Show on Today FM asked me today “Why did you sign up for this?” without missing a beat I replied “It’s cheaper than therapy.” Obviously I was joking, but there really are few better feelings than that post-session glow after some serious training session in MMA; it’s pushing me far more than anything else I’ve ever done;  I’m waking up every day stiff, sore and covered with bruises, but I genuinely, utterly, love it

Remind me that I’ve said that when I’m lying in a hospital bed in a few months.

But the toughest aspect for me, as well as the ‘Roddy Knee’ and generally being slapped around the place in Primal, is still the diet – despite the incredible work of my endlessly supportive girlfriend, Carol, in the kitchen. This morning I woke at just below 81 kilos, a couple of days before I was just over 79 kilos. There are a bunch of reasons why this happens – time of day, how recently you’ve trained etc – but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

I have a large head that I’m arguing I can’t lose any weight from. But I’m getting there… despite the free junkfood constantly being sent into the JOE offices… did you know you can actually smell a doughnut? It has a scent… anyway…

If you’re interested in seeing how tough Owen is, here’s an ace, different documentary (to the one we’re making), he stars in by the guys at SevereMMA

Thanks to Owen for his awesome coaching as always this week. Seriously, get onto him for personal lessons in MMA; even if you’ve no intention of fighting if you train hard enough you will get in phenomenal shape. Thanks too to SBG Dublin city centre, who have been very sound with letting me use their class city-centre digs for sessions with Owen – getting out to Primal in Finglas from JOE HQ on lunch can be tough.

Until next weeks blog, folks…