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20th Aug 2013

JOE-Jitsu: Week 8 – It’s all ‘mental’

With just over three weeks to go until Fight Night, I can confirm that I’m a right miserable bastard.


When I began training heavily in Mixed Martial Arts a couple of months ago, numerous people who’d fought professionally told me that emotionally, I’d be a bit of a wreck in the weeks leading up to the fight. With just over three weeks to go until Fight Night, I can confirm that I’m a right miserable bastard.

Feel bad for the lads that work for me in JOE and my girlfriend, folks, because they have to listen to a lot of shit and a lot of me mumbling about “being old” and “getting the head slapped off me again” when I gingerly stand up from my desk on a daily basis.

In all seriousness it’s genuinely surprising just how psychological MMA is; it doesn’t matter how mentally strong you are, you’re going to spend some time thinking the absolute worst thing that could happen. The solidarity of other fighters who have been in the same position is beyond comforting, though; Owen, or the lads in Primal can generally tell what I’m thinking and offer encouraging words without me having to say anything.

Like anything, the ups are high and the downs low. Addressing it, thinking positive and getting your head down to work harder than ever seems to be the best way of getting over it. I’ve  spent so many hours on technique and fitness, it’d almost be ridiculous to allow a mental block to f*ck things up.

All I can do is train as hard as I possibly can and I’ve been doing that. I had an early morning session in The ISI with John Connor before work last week, coupled with evening sessions in Primal and one-on-ones with Owen. Again, this isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do with a full-time job, but that’s what I signed up for. I’m sure the guy I’m fighting is in the same position.

As ever, thanks to Owen for his amazing coaching, and time. Thanks to Bodyfirst for keeping me in supplements and to the guys at SBG city centre for letting me use their digs to train. I also tried Paleo meals last week and found it delicious. 

Finally, If you wanna buy tickets to the event I’m fighting in there will be a great card of professional fights on afterwards too.