JOE looks at 20 of the Premier League's funniest moments of all time 6 years ago

JOE looks at 20 of the Premier League's funniest moments of all time

It's a funny old game...

The start of the new Premier League season is just seven days away and we can't wait for all the drama, excitement and controversy to unfold.


Football is a serious matter but before the new season starts, and people up and down Ireland start fighting with their mates, let's take a look at some of the funniest moments in Premier League history.

Unbelievable Jeff

Clip via - LarsenUniverse

Sir Alex Ferguson is scared by a balloon

Clip via - TallPiler's channel


Robbie Savage gets elbowed by the ref

Clip via - Nathan Graves

Arsene Wenger vs a coat


Clip via - SuperFlyCinema

David Dunn's unbelievable tekkers

Clip via - flembobs92


Rafa Benitez is magic

Clip via - jahwron

Liverpool and that beachball goal


Clip via - geddyiu

Delia Smith's motivational speech

Clip via - howw100

This Jason Puncheon's chant

Clip via - SteveDFM

Ali Dia spoofs his way into Southampton's team


Jimmy Bullard and Duncan Ferguson

Clip via - Drongo Vids

Kevin Keegan's meltdown

Clip via - ChuckleChannel

Vertonghen tackles Helenius by the shorts

Clip via - Football Goals And Highlights

Don't call Harry Redknapp a wheeler dealer

Clip via - ChaznDave1947

Steven Gerrard vs ball boy

Clip via - jimmsy2000

Henry and Pires take the worst penalty ever

Clip via - BOJDE

Referee and his imaginary yellow cards

Clip via - Brendan Bennett

Peter Enckelman and that backpass

Clip via - TheWomblefootfreak

Jimmy Bullard's leapfrog

Clip via - MOONEY69ER

Phil Babb and the post

Clip via - Satyr93

So what do you think lads? If you have any other suggestions then feel free to comment below.