JOE speaks to Wrestlemania winner Rusev about Irish WWE superstar Sheamus 7 years ago

JOE speaks to Wrestlemania winner Rusev about Irish WWE superstar Sheamus

"Sheamus is really nice, but his dad is even nicer."

Is Sheamus' Irish accent easy to understand?


"Yes, he's Americanised himself enough now, except when he's around Finn Balor and Becky Lynch (fellow Irish wrestlers), then you can forget about it."

That is according to WWE Superstar Rusev, who caught up with JOE after the recent record-breaking Wrestlemania in Texas.

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We spoke ahead of Rusev's trip to Dublin, as he takes part in the Wrestlemania Revenge Tour on April 21 at the 3Arena, where he'll team up with Sheamus as part of the League of Nations against The New Day.


It will be a rematch, after The League of Nations got the better of their duel at Wrestlemania 32 - Rusev's first win at WWE's grandest stage.

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What did that feel like, you might wonder?


"Absolutely brilliant." But Rusev wasn't happy about a certain visit from three WWE legends in Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley.

"It was all very disrespectful", says Rusev. So, expect to hear more on that issue.

Bulgaria WWE Rusev

Like many Irish WWE fans, JOE wanted to know what our very own Sheamus was like.


"Really nice. He's a very strong and technically gifted wrestler and a really cool guy... but his dad is nicer."

What?! Really?

"Yeah! He's just a slightly smaller version of Sheamus, and very cool. I can see where Sheamus gets it from."

Ah, well that's understandable. We thought Shemus was going to get really mad there for a second.

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For anybody planning to head to the 3Arena to catch the two in action on the Wrestlemania Revenge Tour on April 21, keep an eye out for both Sheamus and Rusev out and about in Dublin.

JOE asked Rusev if he was planning to have a quick tour around the capital while he was in the country...

"Yes definitely, if we get the chance. Sheamus said he's going to show me around, so keep an eye out for me, I'll be carrying a 'Rusev is here' flag".

We certainly will.

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