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09th Jul 2018

The JOE World Cup Minipod #18 featuring Prime Minister Southgate, the Brexit effect and why England is just another country now


What kind of Brexit does Gareth Southgate want?

As the UK implodes, it’s left to Gareth Southgate to offer leadership for England but how much can he do when a country is tearing itself apart?

Theresa May has channeled Southgate but she looks more like the England managers of old, hounded from game to game, desperate for release.

And now England stand on the brink but how can we really wish them well, despite everything, and should Wimbledon be embracing the World Cup?

In the latest JOE World Cup Minipod, Dion Fanning and Paddy McKenna discuss this week’s semi-finals and the Brexit blues.

  • What does Thierry Henry do?
  • Will France be able to do to Belgium what they did to everyone apart from Argentina?
  • Are Ireland and England really football rivals anymore?

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