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17th Jun 2018

The JOE World Cup Minipod #2 with modest Ronaldo, Leo’s dopey teammates and can England do it?


It’s been alright, hasn’t it?

Despite the forebodings, nobody can argue that four days in, Russia 2018 has been anything less than spectacular.

Since the hosts kicked off the tournament in emphatic style on Thursday night we’ve had ten fixtures and if you’ve managed to catch every single one of them, well done, you’ve invested your time wisely.

On Episode 2 of the JOE World Cup Minipod, hosts Paddy McKenna and Dion Fanning focus on:

  • Magnificent Mexico and Chucky Lozano stuffing it to the limp Germans,
  • Let the GOAT debate rage on after an epic weekend for CR7 and a disappointing start for Messi,
  • And England, with so many of the favourites stumbling, is this the moment for Gareth Southgate’s team to emerge and not horribly stink out another major tournament?

Four days down, lots more to go and the fun has just begun.

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