JOE's 10 best players of the Premier League season so far 5 years ago

JOE's 10 best players of the Premier League season so far

A lot of great players to choose from...

The Premier League has been at its brilliant best this season. The gap between the top teams and the rest of the pack is as great as it has ever been, and how it really should be. Manchester City have stolen the show in the season's first act, and they're running with the league. They have the potential to go 11 points clear this Sunday, and it's hard to say that they don't deserve it.


But the league has been jam-packed with quality this season, not just from the league leaders. Here is JOE's official top 10 players of the season so far.

1. Kevin De Bruyne

De Bruyne has been world class this season. Playing as Manchester City's composer, orchestrating every single attack, the Belgian has been instrumental in all things good from Pep's side this season. Realistically, you could pick seven or eight of City's players to make this list, but KDB has been the best.


2. Mohamed Salah

What a bloody signing. Jurgen Klopp has taken a lot of stick this season, mostly for his complete inability to address Liverpool's defensive woes, but he has to be given some praise for this one. Salah is extremely unlucky not to be number one here, as his 12 goals in 15 Premier League games from a wide position is simply ridiculous.

3. Harry Kane


People seem to have forgotten about Harry Kane over the past few weeks, and given Spurs' dreadful run of form, it's not that surprising. But Kane has been his typically brilliant self all season, bagging more goals than Morata, Lukaku and Lacazette, who have all been seen as successes so far this season. Don't be surprised if he's lifting the golden boot at the end of the season, no matter where Spurs finish.

4.David DeGea

Realistically, he should be higher in the list, but it's hard to justify giving a goalkeeper a top three position, given the limited amount of work he has had to do. But when he has work to do, my God he does it well. He is without a doubt the best player in the world in his position, and his performance against Arsenal alone entitles him to make this list.


5. Raheem Sterling

Perhaps a surprise inclusion on the list for some people, but the young Englishman has arguably been City's most important player. KDB has been what makes City, as a team, tick, but it's Sterling that is winning the games for them, regularly. He has scored the decisive goal in five of City's games this season, effectively earning them 15 points. Add that to his nine goals and two assists and you can see why he makes the list.

6. Nemanja Matic


A lot of United fans would argue that Matic's midfield partner Paul Pogba deserves to be on the list ahead of the Serbian Summer signing, but Pogba just about misses out, purely due to a lack of game time. But it's Matic that has appeared in every game this season, and he has been an integral part in what has been a successful season for United so far, bossing the midfield in the majority of the games.

7. Cesar Azpilicueta

Chelsea's unsung hero, the Spaniard rarely has a bad game, and is nearly always one of the best players on the pitch. He is basically allergic to defensive errors, and has got himself five assists this season. Impossible to leave off the list.

8. David Silva

Another City player, but he needs to be on the list. He plays the game with such ease, and always seems to be one step ahead of the opposition. He doesn't appear to be breaking a sweat, but next thing you know he has killed you with a simple pass. A joy to watch.

9. N'Golo Kante

You can't leave him off this list. He is the equivalent of having two players in midfield, and does a ridiculous amount of running without the ball. The best, and perhaps most unappreciated thing about him is that when he actually has the ball, he nearly always does something positive with it.

10. Eden Hazard

The only reason Hazard is so far down this list is because of a lack of game time. The Chelsea player is world class, and is hitting form at a pivotal point in the season. Even though he has missed game time this season, he has done enough to make this list. Just about.