JOE's Big Fat Football Quiz of 2018 4 years ago

JOE's Big Fat Football Quiz of 2018

What a year it's been

Most years are good when it comes to football, but 2018 felt just different, that little bit better. The World Cup during the summer was expected to be one of the worst in memory, played under an autocratic regime which crushes its enemies like flies.


But in the end it turned out to be the best in memory, and we all quickly forgot about the shadow of a certain Vladimir Putin looming over the festival of footballing fun.

Away from Russia we had some incredible moments: Liverpool's Champions League run, Gareth Bale's stunning bicycle kick in the final, Steve Bruce's interaction with a round vegetable and some mascot woes.

All in all, it's been great, so great in fact that it merits a quiz, which is where we come in. So, without further ado, here is JOE's Big Fat Football Quiz of 2018. Enjoy, and have a happy New Year.