John Cena has a new haircut and it’s very, very odd 3 years ago

John Cena has a new haircut and it’s very, very odd

You can see it, and that's the problem.

We like John Cena here at JOE. He seems a good dude.


Big Match John may have enjoyed something of a reign of terror during his run as WWE's top dog, emulating Hulk Hogan as he overcame every single possible obstacle put in front of him.

It all got a bit boring, despite Cena's gradual improvement as a wrestler and undeniable star quality.

He wound down in recent years due to wear and tear and a blossoming movie career, and you suddenly found yourself missing the big lug.

These days, Cena makes occasional appearances, usually to prop up some big money-spinning event.


He was present for the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia - one of WWE's more questionable recent moves - and now he's popped up in Australia for another glorified house show; Super Show-Down.

Cena teamed up with Bobby Lashley to take down the villainous pair of Kevin Owens and Elias in a match that has been described as "nothing really special", which should indicate just how hard the crew are working down under.

After the match, Cena grabbed the mic and said that WWE will always be his home and he'll never forget where he came from.

All very straightforward, but the real story here is his new haircut...


John Cena haircut

John isn't one to really mix things up, you see.

The man has committed to a military buzz cut for pretty much as long as we've known him as an on-screen entity, so the above is... concerning, to say the least.

No disrespect, of course, it's a fine head of hair and John is a handsome devil if you're into the whole 'Mark Wahlberg but extreme bodybuilding' thing but... yeah.


Social media, as you might expect, quickly weighed in on the situation.


The demands of signing up to the Transformers franchise in full, flowing effect.