WATCH: John Kavanagh says he hasn't spoken to Conor McGregor since UFC 229 2 years ago

WATCH: John Kavanagh says he hasn't spoken to Conor McGregor since UFC 229


It's just been just over a week since UFC 229, although it feels like it's been about ten years...


Since then, we've read a plethora of stories from the fallout of the massive fight, and the plot just continues to thicken.

Coach John Kavanagh has remained the voice of reason throughout this period. His recent interview with Joe Rogan saw him place absolutely no blame on Khabib Nurgamoedov for his antics after the fight.

His only issue was with Khabib's teammate who jumped into the octagon and and attacked him from behind, which is fair enough...

Kavanagh was asked about the incident again by Ariel Helwani on Satuday night.

Helwani was working at a Bellator event, when he was joined by Coach Kav.

Somewhat strangely, Kavanagh has said that not only has he not watched the fight back yet, but he hasn't even spoken to Conor McGregor since that night.

When asked if he's watched the fight in full, Kavangh replied: "No I haven't actually. I tried to find it online, but no I haven't watched the fight back."


He went on to say that aside from a text or two, the two haven't spoken since the occasion.

"This may actually surprise you but I haven't spoken to Conor since the fight

"We had a couple of texts back and forward. So, after the fight he went home. I went home as well. We were in separate houses. So I was there with Artem, Pete and Orlagh. We just stayed up Saturday night, chatting.

"There were a couple of texts back and forward with Conor - saying, oh I could have done this, I could have done that - then on the Sunday I ended up going out for a little bit with Dillon and a couple of guys from Paradigm."

Considering his fighter has just competed in the biggest bout of his life, it is a little odd that the two haven't met up to discuss what went down, but they are both busy men.


You can watch the interview in full here.

Clip via ESPN