John Kavanagh and Joe Brolly are going back and forth over "bloody freak show" comments made by Brolly 3 years ago

John Kavanagh and Joe Brolly are going back and forth over "bloody freak show" comments made by Brolly

Brolly isn't an MMA fan.

Today's issue of the Sunday Independent featured a passionate article written by Joe Brolly about Mixed-Martial Arts.


He isn't a fan.

In the article, Brolly compares it to two slaves fighting in the movie Django Unchained, and also went as far as to say that "MMA is not a sport".

He also described it as porn, in a paragraph where he sarcastically stated that the UFC aren't going far enough:

"The UFC are missing some tricks. Think of how much more money they could make if the winning fighter, still drenched in blood, got to have sex on stage with a glamorous prostitute as part of his prize.


"Or better still, what about offering any female in the audience $50,000 to come up on stage and screw him? That would bring in millions more in revenue. PPVs would go off the charts. The kids would love it. The best girls would become superstars. Why not?"

He finished the piece by stating that the UFC should be banned, as it was the only way to stop the madness.

John Kavanagh, Conor McGregor's coach, took issue with the article.

He politely responded to Brolly on Twitter, and invited him to come into SBG anytime for "coffee and a chat".


He then pointed out that contrary to Brolly's belief, there are rules in the sport, and he attached a link to further help explain it.

Brolly held no punches with his reply, saying: "I’ve seen how your fighter conducts himself in & out of the ring. Is it acceptable? Smashing up a bus? Threatening to kill?Abusing someone about their religion? I understand you enjoy violence,many human beings do. But it ought to be illegal, just as it is outside the cage."


Kavanagh responded to this by agreeing with Brolly to an extent, but asked him not to let the actions of the few spoil an entire sport, saying: "Absolutely not acceptable but don't let the actions of the few form your opinion on a sport that millions enjoy watching or training in. i don't 'enjoy violence' but I do enjoy the competitiveness of MMA. Someone might enjoy boxing but abhor street fighting."

Brolly focused on the fact that there may be rules, but that they aren't safe, and also criticised McGregor again.

This wasn't the beef we were expecting on a Sunday evening, but it's quite an interesting debate nonetheless.