John Terry has given his backing to Kieran Donaghy 2 years ago

John Terry has given his backing to Kieran Donaghy

Respect among stars...

John Terry appears to be a fan of Kieran Donaghy, judging by one of his latest Instagram stories.


Yes, it seems rather random that John Terry would be posting about the autobiography of GAA star Kieran Donaghy, because although 'The Star' is well-known in Ireland, it's not often their fame spreads to other countries.

But Donaghy was on hand to explain it all.

Donaghy is referring to the infamous story where he went to support Chelsea in the Champions League Final in Germany, and was subsequently dropped by Jack O'Connor.

He wrote about the incident in his autobiography.


"I’m in the town square in Munich among thousands of other Chelsea fans for the Champions League final when the phone buzzes again. F***it. It’s Jack," wrote Donaghy.

"We’d a bit of a row last night. After training I told him I was going to the game; my friend Gerry Rochford had somehow got me tickets.

"'Jesus, I don’t know about that, Kieran,' said Jack. 'The first round against Tipp is next week.'

“'Well, Jack, the flight and hotel is all sorted. I won’t be drinking, I’m back on Sunday and we’re not training ’til Monday. I won’t be missing anything.'

“'No, I’m not happy about this. If you go to that f***in’ match, you won’t be starting next weekend!'”

Donaghy decides not to answer the call. Five minutes later, captain Colm Cooper calls. He answers this one.

“'Are you in Germany?'

“'I am.'

“'You’re dropped for next Sunday, you know that?'

“'Erra, he’ll calm down. Sure if I didn’t tell him, he wouldn’t even know I was gone. Look, I’ve been following Chelsea since I was a kid.'

“'If he wants to drop me over going to see them play in a Champions League final, he can f***in’ drop me.'”