Jurgen Klopp has sent a classy message to Seamus Coleman ahead of the Merseyside derby 6 years ago

Jurgen Klopp has sent a classy message to Seamus Coleman ahead of the Merseyside derby

Sometimes rivalries have to be put to one side.

No matter how fierce a football feud might be, nobody wants to see a player suffer the kind of fate that befell Seamus Coleman last week.


While captaining the Republic of Ireland in a World Cup Qualifier against Wales, the right back suffered a broken leg in a challenge from Neil Taylor.

The incident has since become a massive talking point in football circles, with everyone from Steve Bruce to Jamie Carragher offering their take on the tackle.


The injury brought an immediate end to Coleman's season and the 28-year-old will be heartbroken that he will be unable to play a part in Saturday's Merseyside derby.

But, credit to Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and club captain Jordan Henderson as they took the time to offer some heartfelt messages to the Everton fan-favourite.

"I would like to pass on my regards and best wishes to Seamus Coleman, who due to very unfortunate circumstances is not available to play today," Klopp wrote.

"I do not know him personally, but as a football supporter I love his character, his positive approach to the game and his commitment to his club. 

"There is a lot to admire about this player and it is his personal qualities that will help him as he recovers from this setback and returns to the game."


Henderson is not expected to feature for the Reds in Saturday's lunchtime kick-off but, speaking in his programme notes, he too sent his well-wishes to Coleman before insisting that the Merseyside derby was a lesser game due to the Irishman's lack of involvement.

"Turning back specifically to today's game, on behalf of all the players at Liverpool FC I'd like to wish Seamus Coleman a speedy recovery from the injury he suffered while on international duty," Henderson wrote.

"I can't claim to know Seamus that well, beyond encounters on the pitch, but I can say that today's Merseyside derby is a poorer contest for not having him involved in it.


"He is one of the most competitive players you could come up against and I know from talking to friends in the Republic of Ireland team and also the Everton players who represent England, that he is a real footballer's footballer; no one has a bad word for him and everyone respects him.

"From everything I've heard about his character he'll be back even stronger from this and even though he makes Everton a better team, we all look forward to seeing him return to football as quickly as is possible."