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14th Oct 2018

WATCH: GAA team in Kildare celebrate winning an intermediate title by searching for an engagement ring on the pitch

Rudi Kinsella

Kildare GAA

This is why we love the sport.

In the past few months we’ve seen nothing but negative stories about the GAA.

After nearly every set of fixtures, a new video emerges of two teams having an almighty brawl, or two sets of fans going at it instead.

It paints the sport in a really bad light, and has attracted what seems like an endless amount of bad press.

So, we really needed to see this video…

In the 2018 Pittman Traffic & Safety Intermediate Football Final, Kildare club Two Mile House went up against Monasterevan.

Two Mile House came out on top, winning 0-16 to 1-8.

Naturally, you would assume that once that final whistle blew, the Two Mile House lads were ready for the wild celebrations to begin.

Well, not exactly.

Before any celebrations could take place, they had to deal with the small matter of finding a lost engagement ring that was believed to be on the pitch.

St. Conleth’s Park was flooded with players, coaches and supporters trying to find the ring.

Have a look for yourself here:

Although we’re not entirely sure if they found the ring in the end, we can only assume that with a search-party of that size, it will be found eventually…


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