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11th Feb 2018

Liverpool’s Adam Lallana posts Insta pic of his frost-bitten feet after Sunday’s game

Rory Cashin


At the best of times, feet are kind of unloved by the masses.

There are folk out there who completely flip out at the thoughts of being touched by bare feet – or having their bare feet touched – and to those folk, we kind of recommend that you stop reading now.

Of course, there are also the opposite of those folk: the people who absolutely love feet. But even you might find this a little much.

Liverpool’s Adam Lallana came on late in the match against Southampton on Sunday afternoon, which ultimately resulted with his new team defeating his old team 2-0.

Lallana, who recently got himself into some hot water after manhandling another player during an U23 match this week, posted a pic of his feet directly after the match in St. Mary’s Stadium in Southampton, and… well… they don’t look great.

So, to finish this how we started…. Gross.

Any suggestions for defrosting feet ?❄☃ #nofilter ?

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