Luis Suarez’s lawyer insists that Chiellini incident was ‘an absolutely casual play’ 6 years ago

Luis Suarez’s lawyer insists that Chiellini incident was ‘an absolutely casual play’

We’re no legal experts or anything, but we’re not sure this line of defence is going to wash with FIFA officials investigating THAT incident from the Italy v Uruguay clash yesterday.

Having confirmed that they will be investigating the incident in which Luis Suarez appeared to bite Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder during Uruguay’s 1-0 defeat over Italy yesterday, FIFA have informed Suarez and his representatives that they have until 9pm tonight to present a case in defence of the Liverpool striker.


Much of the evidence so far appears to be damning against Suarez, but his lawyer, Alejandro Balbi, who is also a member of the Uruguayan FA board, is insistent that a furore has been created because of pressure from England and Italy and that what occurred between the two players was ‘an absolutely casual play’.

"We don't have any doubts that this has happened because it's Suarez and secondly because Italy was eliminated," Balbi told local radio in Uruguay.

"There's a lot of pressure from England and Italy. We're polishing off a defence argument.

"There is a possibility that they ban him, because there are precedents, but we're convinced that it was an absolutely casual play, because if Chiellini can show a scratch on one shoulder, Suarez can show a bruised and almost shut eye.

"If every player starts showing the injuries he suffers and they open inquiries for them everything will be way too complicated in the future,” Balbi added.

“We're going to use all the arguments possible so that Luis gets out in the best possible way."

Does he stand a chance?