Premier League forced to correct multiple errors in charges against Man City 3 months ago

Premier League forced to correct multiple errors in charges against Man City

Six of their alleged breaches relate to inconsequential rules.

The Premier League have been forced to correct multiple errors in their announcement of the charges Manchester City face.


A statement on Monday saw the Premier League list more than 100 rules they accused Man City of breaching however on Wednesday, six of them were changed.

Their initial charge sheet claimed that they were charged with rules E.3, E.4, E.11 and E.12 in 2011-12.

Those however related to inconsequential rules such as weekend matches that are not on television will be played on Saturday and games ‘will be played on New Year’s Day unless […] it falls on a Sunday’ or that all clubs must enter the FA Cup.

The mistake was that those rules did not move into section E until the following season.


In their updated statement, the reigning Premier League champions were instead charged with breaching rules C.78, C.79, C.86 and C.87, which related to the club’s accounts.

A similar error, which took place during the 2021-22 season, was also changed with breaches of W.15 and W.16 being corrected to W.12 and W.13.

Man City play their first game since the alleged charges on Sunday (February 12) when they host Aston Villa.

On Friday, City boss Pep Guardiola reaffirmed his commitment to the club and said that he would be staying at the Etihad Stadium.


"I am not moving from this seat. I can assure you, he said. "More than ever."

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