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15th May 2016

Man United ‘bomb’ was a prop from a training exercise that was accidentally left in the toilets

Nooruddean Choudry

If this is true, it is extremely embarrassing for Manchester United.

Whilst everyone was commending the club and its security staff for the swift way in which they dealt with the potential bomb threat, it now seems that they may have been inadvertently responsible.

The Daily Mail’s Mike Keegan reports that the ‘incredibly realistic’ hoax bomb was so realistic because it was designed to look that way – as it was a prop for a terrorism training exercise.

According to the Mail exclusive, the ‘suspicious package’ that caused the whole drama was a fake bomb used in an safety exercise by an external company that was accidentally left in one of the stadium toilets.

It was discovered on Sunday just before the game and of course, all the normal precautions were implemented. As the Mail explain:

“It is understood that in what appears to be a staggering blunder, the ‘bomb’ was left by an external training company at the stadium in error in the days leading up to the game on the final weekend of the Premier League season.”

The story is incredibly embarrassing for United and is somewhat typical of their blundering ways this season.

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