WATCH: Football match in Brazil abandoned after ref hands out 10 red cards 4 months ago

WATCH: Football match in Brazil abandoned after ref hands out 10 red cards

As if that wasn't enough, there were another 8 yellow cards dealt out during the game.

Two of Brazil's biggest clubs took to the pitch yesterday, and everyone involved should've known there was something amiss when a player was given a yellow card within the very first minute of play.

Vitoria hosted rivals Bahia at the Estádio Manoel Barradas, but things didn't really take a turn for the absolute worst until the beginning of the second half, when Bahia were awarded a penalty and Bahia player Vinícius converted to bring the game to 1-1.

However, Vitoria's goalkeeper Fernando Miguel was none-too-impressed with Vinícius' celebrations, and within seconds there were fists flying all over the place.


Eventually the referee was forced to intervene, and we were soon on the verge of a five-a-side.

The game, somehow, continued on, until a further two Vitoria players were given red cards.

FIFA rules state that a match cannot start or continue "if either team consists of fewer than seven players", and with the home team losing five players, the game was nixed.

Brazilian news outlets suggest that the outcome of the match could now be decided by Brazil's sporting court and Bahia could well be awarded a victory because Vitoria received more red cards.


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