Mayo GAA fans are up in arms over what some Roscommon GAA fans did on Sunday 5 years ago

Mayo GAA fans are up in arms over what some Roscommon GAA fans did on Sunday

We'll have to wait another week to see who wins this one.

The Connacht champions, Roscommon and last years runners-up, Mayo, played out a cracking game of football on Sunday as they shared the spoils in Croke Park.


Fans from both counties were there in full support as both teams played the main event of the day to a 65,000 strong headquarters crowd.

I was in Hill 16 for the day and was nestled in between, Mayo, Galway, Kerry and Roscommon fans who had made the long trip from all four homelands to roar on their team.

Around 3:55, the Rossies entered the field of play and the place absolutely erupted as colours of yellow and blue filled the stands and terraces of Croke Park.

A Galway supporter who had stuck around for the game was standing beside me and joked, 'is there anyone left minding the house in Roscommon at all?'


They had come to Croke Park in their droves because they believed that their Roscommon team could pull off one of the shocks of the season, if not the last few years.

Something which they nearly did too.

When Lee Keegan's goal was deflected into the net, we had seen three goals hit the back of the net and more action in the opening 15 minutes than there was in the whole game before that.

Pass the defibrillator.


Where I was standing, the Roscommon fans were nothing but supportive towards their own team and didn't have a bad word to say about Mayo.

They were there for the day out and that was it.

However, as the madness of the Quarter-Final quietened down on Sunday evening and everyone was tucked in bed ready to face the big bad world again on Monday morning after a weekend of fun,  a lot of Mayo fans and GAA fans alike were tweeting the same thing about some Roscommon fans and their treatment of Mayo forward Andy Moran...