Mayo v Dublin: 10 Questions with… Ger Cafferkey 10 years ago

Mayo v Dublin: 10 Questions with… Ger Cafferkey

Ger Cafferkey will face a tough examination from the Dublin attack next weekend but it’ll be nowhere near as tough as the ten questions he faced from the lads at Elverys recently.

All-Star full-back and pillar of the Mayo defence Ger Cafferkey will be one of the key men in James Horan’s side when they attempt to take down the Dubs and claim their first All-Ireland title in 62 years on Sunday next.


For some it would be a daunting experience, but the Ballina man already has plenty of experience of All-Ireland Finals having played in last year’s decider and against Cork in the under-21 final in 2006, when Keith Higgins captained the green and red to glory.

Bernard Borgan and Ger Cafferkey 14/4/2013

A match-up you could well be seeing again in Croke Park next weekend

Besides, far more daunting for Cafferkey was having to sit down with the folks at Elverys for a question and answer session recently, when he offered his thoughts on his sporting hero and his toughest opponent, named the ladies’ man on the Mayo panel and had to choose a preference between Ciaran McDonald’s corn rows and Aidan O’Shea’s fringe.


Let’s see how he got on.

Q: Who’s your all time sporting hero?

Ger Cafferkey: I’m a big fan of intelligence in sport, so even though I have never seen them play, the stories that I have been told about Paddy Prendergast and Sean Flanagan have shaped my philosophies on sport.

Q: Your favourite pair of football boots ever and what do you wear now?


GC: I had a pair of Umbro Specialis when I was around 16 – like James Nallen and David Heaney used to wear. At the moment, I’m just wearing a pair that I bought in Elverys for €50.

Q: Who’s been your toughest opponent on the field so far?

GC: Eoin Bradley is a real handful.

Q: Best Gaelic Football goal or point of all time?


GC: Peter Canavan 2005 final v Kerry – a difficult goal made look very simple.

Q: Best sporting occasion you were ever at and why?

GC: A North Mayo U-12 final that my nephew was playing in. It was one of the most honest games I’ve ever seen. There were no spectators or supporters – everyone was utterly involved in what was happening on the pitch.

Q: Any nicknames?

GC: I suppose Caffatron, I wasn’t cool enough to get a nickname so I gave it to myself!


Q: Biggest joker on the panel?

GC: Jason Doc (Jason Doherty) is a ball of energy.

Q: Who on the Mayo panel should be reported for crimes against fashion and who’s the next Paul Galvin?

GC: Since Aidan O’Shea learned to pull his pants up and stop walking around with his jocks out, I think we are OK!

Jason Gibbons 14/4/2013

Mothers, lock up your daughters when Jason Gibbons is around

Q: Who on the team reckons he’s the biggest hit with the females?

GC: Jason Gibbons’ reputation goes before him.

Q: Finally the eternal question, Billy Joe’s Mullet, Ciaran Mc’s cornrows or Aido’s fringe?

GC: Has to be Aido’s Fringe.

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