WATCH: The closing seconds of Midwest Radio’s Mayo v Kerry commentary is local radio at its best 5 years ago

WATCH: The closing seconds of Midwest Radio’s Mayo v Kerry commentary is local radio at its best

“Yes it’s going wide. Go wide, go wide, yeahhhhh.”

Anyone tuning into the All-Ireland semi-final between Mayo and Kerry couldn’t help but have been gripped by a thrilling encounter, not least by the closing stages when Paddy Durcan scored a late equaliser for Mayo and Bryan Sheehan spurned a (very difficult) chance to win it for Kerry at the death.


If you’re looking for the most exciting and entertaining depiction of scenes like that in the GAA, then your best bet is to turn to the local radio stations of the counties involved.

The commentators are unashamedly biased, just as emotionally invested in events as any fan and can’t help but transmitting it over the airwaves, which makes for absolutely brilliant listening for anyone tuning in.

Michael D. McAndrew and Martin Carney of Midwest Radio delivered a classic of the local radio genre at Croke Park yesterday when setting the scene for Sheehan’s last gasp free, first willing it to go wide of the posts and then expressing their relief when it ended up in the hands of Aidan O’Shea and was followed by the final whistle.


Below, meanwhile, is the audio of the last few minutes (kindly provided by Midwest Radio), which includes commentary on Durcan's equaliser and pleas from Carney and McAndrew to Sheehan to stop stealing yards for his last-gasp free kick.

The relief of both parties was echoed by the thousands of Mayo fans watching in the stadium, on television and indeed listening in on Midwest Radio, but in all the commotion McAndrew managed to compose himself to deliver another brilliant line in anticipation of the replay this coming weekend.

“Kerry 2-14, Mayo 2-14 and just like 2014, are gonna to do it all over again baby.”


Indeed they are Michael. Roll on Saturday.