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09th Jul 2014

Mike Tyson offers his take on fellow biter, and biter of fellows, Luis Suarez

Well, if anyone can understand what the bold Luis was thinking, it's Iron Mike.


Well, if anyone can understand what the bold Luis was thinking, it’s Iron Mike.

Incredibly, it is only 15 days since Luis Suarez tried to take a lump out of Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder. It seems like years ago, thanks to the glut of football drama we have witnessed since but when the history of this epic World Cup is written, the Uruguayan striker’s name will feature prominently, for all the wrong reasons.

Currently at the start of a four-month ban from football, Suarez might at least be able to take some comfort from words of support (ish) he received today from perhaps the only man in world sport, apart from Jermain Defoe, who might understand what he was thinking; Mike Tyson.

Taking part in a Reddit Ask Me Anything Tyson, who had a naughty nibble on Evander Holyfield in 1997, was asked about the striker and he replied thus:

“I think it is just the heat of the moment, really hot blooded and really competitive. The heat of the moment takes over us, we are really competitive and lose bad judgement[sic] in our thinking. Sometimes you can just become highly frustrated.”

It is a better excuse than the now retracted ‘I fell into him’ one trotted out by Suarez but not much.