Mike Tyson used a fake penis to dodge drug tests 9 years ago

Mike Tyson used a fake penis to dodge drug tests

In a new book, Tyson claims to have been spent a large part of his career addicted to cocaine, and he used the old fake penis trick to dodge the testers.

You’d think there’s nothing more to learn about Mike Tyson. A star since he was a teenager, the now infamous ex-champ is one of the most recognisable faces on the globe, probably helped by the fact he has a massive tattoo on that face. Anyway, Tyson has a new book out, called Undisputed Truth, and in it he makes a few startling revelations.


The biggest, by far, is his admission of chronic drug use during his career in the ring. Tyson describes himself as a ‘full-blown cokehead’ and he admits to taking drugs shortly before his surprise 2004 defeat to Danny Williams.

The ex-boxer also writes about he was high before he fought Lou Saverese in Glasgow in 2000, and used a fake penis, filled with clean urine, to get around the post-fight test.

Tyson, who claims he first took cocaine aged 11, also smoked a lot of marijuana and it was this that eventually got him busted.

In 2000, he was unable to get his hands on the fake penis from his team before the testers arrived so he tested positive for marijuana after fighting Andrew Golota.


He also admits taking cocaine before his fairly odd 2002 press conference with Lennox Lewis, a presser that ended in him biting Lewis on the leg.

Those admissions are already landing Tyson in trouble, with Frank Warren, who promoted the Lou Saverese fight telling the Telegraph: "I haven't seen the book yet, but once I get a copy if it, our solicitors are looking at that, and other things in the book. We will wait and see, but it is obviously very concerning, and if it is the case we'll be putting that to our lawyers."

Tyson’s book is published over here next week.