Nate Diaz fight in doubt after Conor McGregor announcement 2 years ago

Nate Diaz fight in doubt after Conor McGregor announcement

One of Conor McGregor's fiercest rivals did not react well to last night's big announcement...

After Dana White dropped the bombshell that McGregor would be fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov this October, Nate Diaz stormed out of the press conference.


Diaz, who has both beaten and lost to McGregor in the past, looked pretty pissed that his thunder was stolen. Originally, all the talk had been about his upcoming Madison Square Garden fight with Dustin Poirier on UFC 230.

The Stockton fighter immediately took to Twitter to say: "I’m not fighting on that show fuk the UFC," casting his future fight with Poirier into doubt.

Questioned about the incident afterwards, Diaz said "They better start acting right. They brought me to this press conference late."

Like McGregor, Diaz has also been absent from the league for two years.


Dustin Poirier also threw his two cents in on the matter, but it seems like he was just joking.

There has certainly been no official cancellation of the Diaz-Poirier showdown, but it's safe to say that Diaz is "none too plussed" with the UFC and Dana White right now.