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02nd Sep 2017

Owen Roddy talks about the aftermath of McGregor’s loss on The Late Late Show

Conor McGregor's strike coach talks to Tubridy about the effect of his defeat

Rory Cashin

Now that the dust has settled, how is McGregor actually feeling?

When you’re involved in one of the biggest sporting events in pretty much all of recorded history, and then lose at that event, it must have some kind of effect on you and your team.

McGregor’s strike coach Owen Roddy was on Tubridy’s couch last night for the first episode in the new season of The Late Late Show, and indeed they got to talking about how that loss has impacted the fighter and his whole team.

While we now it hasn’t been all doom and gloom – he is already talking about his own whiskey line, you’ll remember – but all of the money in the world can’t replace that feeling of winning, can it?

But, come on, we all know Conor McGregor, and Conor being Conor, he’s most likely moved on to the next thing.

Roddy also discusses the fact McGregor’s personality on camera and in the ring – i.e. that of the World’s Most Confident Man – is exactly what he’s like outside of the public eye, too.

For as long as he’s known him, McGregor has had that air of ultimate confidence, and ultimately it will be that confidence that will assist him in getting through this loss and tackling his next gargantuan undertaking.

Clips via The Late Late Show