Paul Merson releases statement following gambling "breakdown" 3 years ago

Paul Merson releases statement following gambling "breakdown"

"Life's fallen apart - gambling. I've just completely lost control."

In a new ITV series entitled Harry's Heroes: The Full English, football manager and I'm A Celebrity winner Harry Redknapp will round up a team of English football legends from the 90s, and attempt to whip them back into shape.


One of the contestants is former Arsenal player and current Sky pundit Paul Merson.

Merson has been very vocal about his struggles with addiction in the past, and it seems as though he is once again struggling with his gambling habit.

According to the Mirror, Merson can be seen crying in the new show about his recent struggles with gambling, saying: "I’m struggling with life at the moment. Gambling. I’ve lost control completely again.

"I'm digging a hole - I can't get out of it."


Support has since poured in for Merson since it was leaked that he was again struggling with gambling, which resulted in him making a statement on Twitter, where he urged people to "never be afraid to talk".

As part of the new show, Merson attempts to get fit alongside the likes of Neil Ruddock and John Barnes.


Harry’s Heroes: The Full English airs on Monday and Tuesday on ITV at 9pm.