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16th Jun 2018

Peru fan gains a mountain of weight in order to get World Cup ticket

Alan Loughnane


One of the most bizarre things we’ve seen…

We know that football is hugely important to some people, but we’re not sure we’ve heard of someone going to such lengths just to secure a ticket to a game.

A Peru fan, known as Miguel F, a 24-year-old from Lima, didn’t manage to get a ticket before they all sold out but he wasn’t about to let his dream of attending the tournament in Russia die.

“All of the tickets sold out quickly and I didn’t want to miss out on the World Cup, because I love Peru more than anything in football. I went to all of the qualifying games and I had promised myself I would go to Russia,” he told Clarin.

“The only tickets that were left on the FIFA website where ticket for disabled people,” Miguel told the network. “I looked at the requirements; be in a wheelchair, something specific for women and suffering from morbid obesity, over 35 BMI, body mass index. I was at 30, and I did the math. I needed to put on 25 kg.”

This might seem impossible some might say, some might say it’s unhealthy (it definitely is), and some might say it’s madness (it definitely is), but that didn’t stop Miguel.

He told the Clarin that he still swam two kilometres each day to try and combat the ill effects of gaining such weight, and also because his mother was worried about him.

Miguel is now in Russia to cheer on his beloved country, however, he went without one of his best friends who also had a bizarre plan to get a ticket.

“He was going to deliberately break his leg, but in the end, he decided against it,” Miguel said