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28th Oct 2015

Peter Crouch has a great message for a fan who promised to get a tattoo on his arse if Stoke beat Chelsea



We all did some stupid things when we were young.

Maybe you started a band and made your friends pay far too much money to come see you play the terrible songs you wrote. Or maybe you got a tattoo of a Stoke City player on your arse.

For this one fan, he might live to regret this tweet ahead of Stoke’s League Cup tie against Chelsea.

Of course Jose Mourinho’s side lost 5-4 on penalties after Eden Hazard missed his spot kick, and people took notice.

The worst part? He’s not even a Stoke fan. According to his Twitter, he’s a Sheffield United fan which means that not only did he see local rivals Sheffield Wednesday record a famous win over Arsenal, he now has to get the tallest man in football etched onto his arse.

Remember folks, be careful what you tweet because the internet never forgets.