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02nd Jul 2016

PIC: All GAA goalkeepers should wear the hat worn by this Junior B ‘keeper in Meath

Conor Heneghan

We’d love if this caught on.

Playing with the sun in your face is a hazard faced by goalkeepers in a number of sports and in most cases, a good old baseball cap is used to try and counteract its effects.

St Vincent’s goalkeeper Tommy Ruddy faced that very problem during their clash with Skryne in Meath this evening, but whether he couldn’t find a baseball cap or simply didn’t want to wear one, the alternative was far better.


Tommy did end up conceding four goals but Vincent’s went onto win on a scoreline of 3-12 – 4-5, so Tommy and his hat tasted a sweet, sweet victory.

For everyone’s sake, we hope he views it as a lucky charm of sorts and continues wearing it for the rest of the season.

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