PIC: Another GAA club 'player contract' has surfaced, this one is from Mayo 1 year ago

PIC: Another GAA club 'player contract' has surfaced, this one is from Mayo

Enough is enough for some players.

The infamous player/coach contract from the St Brigid's Senior Football Team dominated GAA conversations at the start of 2017 and the issue seems far from over.

A player from Kiltane GAA club in Mayo, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted JOE this evening with a long email detailing why he feels too much is being asked of players.

"I was very interested to read your articles on other clubs having a similar "contract" and felt I couldn't stay silent no more. For those of us not good enough for County level, we all play football for fun, its a release from society, a social event with your friends. Each year it is getting harder and harder to motivate yourself to play. You question why you do it anymore, the fun is totally gone out of it."

He attached the Code of Conduct form, which he says is "a dressed up phrase for contract," the players received at the end of last year. Read it yourself here.


The player finished his email with the following paragraph.

"I would greatly appreciate if you could post our 'Code of Conduct' because club players need to know that they don't have to put up with this. You shouldn't have to sign a contract in order to play the sport you love.

"The managers can't just click their fingers, whistle and you come running like a dog. The situation at the moment is nothing short on slavery.

"I personally love my club, love GAA, love playing with my mates and love having a laugh but you need to let off a bit of steam at times and have a weekend away.  I have been talking to afew players around Mayo and they are simply fed up with it."

Strong words, the story rumbles on.


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