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08th May 2017

Eagle-eyed fans spot massive sex toy after team tweets photo from changing room


A rather hard one to explain…

The New York Mets baseball team were left red faced at the weekend when a picture tweeted out from their social media account appeared to show a sex toy in the players’ changing room.

T.J. Rivera played hero for the Mets on the day as he produced a stellar performance to inspire his side to a its 8-7 win against the Miami Marlins.

Following the game, the Mets posed a photo of Rivera standing in front of his locker sporting a crown on his head, a typical photo for the hero of the hour.

But viewers were quick to spot a slightly sexual detail in an otherwise innocent picture…

The photographer must not have noticed the specimen lurking in the bottom right corner of the photo, but thousands of others did and screenshots of the post were taken so that the hilarity would endure long after the baseball team saw the error of their ways and deleted the tweet.

The sex toy was resting in Kevin Plawecki’s locker.

The caption of the photo initially read: “First homer ✓, Game-tying double ✓, take home the [picture of a crown] ✓. Have yourself a night, @TJ_Rivera_!”

“Honestly, I don’t really know how to handle this one,” Plawecki said to the New York Daily News at the weekend. “This is kind of unbelievable, really.”

“We’ve got some good pranksters in here, that’s for sure,” Plawecki said. “I mean what can you do, just kind of laugh this one off.”