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10th May 2015

Pic: Female GAA player rages on Facebook after her own boyfriend gives her a yellow card

No favourites here

Conor Heneghan

Soz babes.

People often say they’d never be a referee because of the amount of abuse that goes with it.

In the GAA, it’s arguably a bigger problem because you’re going to have to officiate matches involving people that you’re pretty familiar with at some stage.

Donough McBrearty experienced what exactly that’s like when he was the man in the middle for a clash between Tír Chonaill Harps and Glasgow Gaels yesterday, when he was forced to discipline his own girlfriend, Orla Grehan, during the course of the game.

Orla sent us in this picture of her Facebook status update following what is likely to be known as ‘the incident’ and professed that she was raging afterwards; sure doesn’t the disgusted look on her face tell it all?


Orla tells us that she ‘clashed’ with an opponent after she had been niggling away at her off the ball all throughout the game and reckons that she could have seen red but Donough held back because it’s her birthday on Monday.

Still, fair play to Donough, he didn’t have to give her a card at all and wasn’t afraid to shy away from playing favourites.

He might have to get used to the kennel all the same, because it’s the dog house for him for the next few days.