Pic: Has this man got the biggest feet in the GAA? 8 years ago

Pic: Has this man got the biggest feet in the GAA?

Based in the US, and spotted by Jerome Quinn, San Antonio have got themselves a serious unit, with seriously large feet.

Our good friend Jerome Quinn is currently in the US, visiting various GAA teams over there and his latest stop is San Antonio, to meet the San Patricios.


And one of the players, a man called Anthony Edds, may just have the biggest feet in the GAA world.

Standing at 6'9", Anthony could probably get a game for the San Antonio Spurs, never mind the San Patricios, and Jerome posted a picture of his boots/cleats, telling  us just how massive they are.

So, is a Texan the possessor of the biggest foot in the game? He might also have the biggest beard but if you think you, or a team-mate, has bigger feet than Anthony, let us know. And what the hell, we'll take GAA beard submissions too.


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