Pic: Michael Carrick’s missus wasn’t happy with Roy Keane last night 9 years ago

Pic: Michael Carrick’s missus wasn’t happy with Roy Keane last night

She’s since deleted the tweet, but these things have a habit of making their way into the public domain.

The Manchester United midfielder came in for criticism from Roy Keane on ITV following United’s disastrous 2-0 defeat to Olympiacos last night, not, surprisingly enough, for his sub-standard individual display but for a post-match interview in which he answered questions about the team’s performance in a fairly bland manner that Keane thought was symptomatic of United on the night.


In Carrick’s defence, players rarely give much away in post-match interviews under any circumstances, but Keane thought he should have displayed a little more passion at least and his comments were the subject of plenty of debate on Twitter afterwards.

Michael Carrick’s wife Lisa jumped to her hubby’s defence with a tweet (see screen grab below) that she deleted not long afterwards but had already been the subject of plenty of exposure by that stage…


We’re not sure if Carrick would have appreciated the extra attention on what was a pretty miserable night as it was, but maybe he’ll feel that things can only possibly get better for him and for United after reaching the latest in a series of new lows last night.


We’ve heard that before, mind.