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23rd Sep 2013

Pic: No hard feelings between champ and contender…

One of the greatest fights in UFC history took place on Saturday night, but the two fighters at the centre of it hold no grudges as this class pic illustrates...


For anyone that stayed up or recorded UFC 165 in Toronto last Saturday night, they would have witnessed one of the most impressive fights in UFC history.

An epic five round back and forth between Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones and number one contender, Alexander Gustafsson was an absolute brawl that many felt Swedish contender Gustafsson won. However, the judges controversially (and unanimously) declared champ Jones the winner.

While the fans cried foul, the two lads themselves showed no hard feelings as they posed for this fantastic picture in the hospital after the superb scuffle.

Jones Gustafsson

Taken from Gustafsson’s Facebook page, the big man has possibly won himself a rematch with Jones, but absolutely won a legion of new fans with his incredible performance.