PIC: No really, a €2 coin with ‘Mayo for Sam’ engraved on it has been found in Waterford 6 years ago

PIC: No really, a €2 coin with ‘Mayo for Sam’ engraved on it has been found in Waterford

Could it be a sign?

For a county that’s supposedly been under the spell of a curse for 65 years since 1951, Mayo fans should be more wary of superstition than anyone at this stage.


That said, possibly out of desperation more than anything else, there are no doubt some who will interpret a recent discovery as a sign that the stars are finally aligning ahead of the All-Ireland Final replay with Dublin this Saturday.

The discovery we’re talking about is a €2 coin with ‘Mayo for Sam’ not just written on, but engraved on a coin that was discovered in Thompson’s CarryOut off-license in Ferrybank in Waterford on Friday night and sent our way by owner of the off-license, Ashley Thompson.





If it looks familiar, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise because, barring a ridiculous coincidence, it is the same coin that turned up in a café in Wicklow two years ago.


It's not really a surprise the coin was found far from Mayo, twice, as surely there is nobody in the county who would dare use it as legal tender and instead save it as a memento for when the boys in green and red finally get the job done.

Could it be 'Mayo for Sam' this weekend? You could do worse than put €2 on it.

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