Pic: This Breaking Bad-inspired hurley is really quite something 7 years ago

Pic: This Breaking Bad-inspired hurley is really quite something

Pull hard, bitch.

There are many ways of intimidating your opponent in a game of hurling.


There’s the time-honoured ‘welcome to the game’ shoulder charge, for example.

There’s also the failure to take up the offer of a handshake or the loud roar in the face of your man immediately after knocking over a score.

Could you imagine how unnerved your opponent would be though, if you took to the field with a hurley bearing the angry face of one of the deadliest characters in television history?

Artist and designer of legendary hurleys John Flynn is currently working on a hurley inspired by Walter White, AKA Heisenberg, from Breaking Bad and he was kind enough to send us on a preview this evening.



Called Heisenhurl, the hurley is still a work in progress but should be completed later this week and we can’t wait to see how it turns out.

We can just picture the likes of John Mullane taking up his position on the pitch with one of these in hand, going up to his man and uttering the immortal line ‘Say my name’.

Quality merchandise, yo.


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