Pic: This might be the biggest winning margin in GAA history 8 years ago

Pic: This might be the biggest winning margin in GAA history

You have to feel for Clonee.

JOE is well used to hearing the standard lines and quotes used by GAA managers when they're trying to explain why their side failed to turn in a winning performance on the day.


"The other team had more desire", "we didn't take our scores when the chances came around" and "no comment" followed by a massive Davy Fitz like death stare are usually the standard replies.

We wonder what the manager of the junior footballers from Wexford side Clonee was thinking though after this absolute pasting at the hands of Adamstown.

It's probably a combination of things, 1) Adamstown are the equivalent of the All-Stars team in that particular division, 2) Clonee had some serious injury problems and ended up having to field 9 players and a water bottle in goal, 3) The ref was the most biased official that you'll ever see or , 4) Clonee had one HUGE night on the beer before this game.

Fair play to Adamstown for raking in a serious haul of goals and points but sweet Jesus, a 59 point wining margin with not a single score against them.


We reckon that the Clonee boys will be put through their paces this week in training.

If any of our readers have heard of a bigger winning margin then please get in touch, 59 points. Jaysus!


H.T - JOE reader Shane Bradley